Polish design, entrepreneurship and culture abroad. Debate

The fourth exhibition of Polish design in Rio de Janeiro is coming to an end, after being extended until the 27th June. To mark this occasion, the organisers of the exhibition, together with City Council of Warsaw will hold a debate focused on efforts made so far to promote Polish design, entrepreneurship and culture abroad.

On the 23rd of June The Spirit of Poland an the City Council of Warsaw invite you to The Warsaw’s Praga Musuem to discuss with our invited guests the aspects related to promotion of Polish culture and entrepreneurship in such distant countries, like Brazil.


Official welcome: Katarzyna Kuzko-Zwierz, Director of THE WARSAW’S PRAGA MUSEUM (the branch of the Museum of Warsaw) and Tomasz Thun-Janowski – director of the City Council of Warsaw’s Culture Department

Panel discussion participants:

Wojciech Baczyński – General Director / Secretary General at the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, in 2009-2013 Commercial Consul at the Trade and Promotion Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in São Paulo

Karolina Małaczek – Promotion and Culture Expert of the Polish Embassy in Brasilia (2010-2014), the Chairman of European Union National Institutes for Culture EUNIC Brazil (2013-2014). Currently works as an Inspector of Communication and promotion at the City Council of Warsaw’s Culture Department
Łukasz Gierańczyk – entrepreneur, CEO & co-founder at queropassagem.com.br – bus tickets booking website in Brazil

Barbara Krzeska – Head of the Communication Departament and the Design Project at the Adam Mickiwicz Institute (Culture.pl)

Monika Brauntsch – Team Leader at The Spirit of Poland, owner of the lighting company brand KAFTI

Moderator: Weronika Rochacka-Gagliardi – The Spirit of Poland | ThinkDO Studio.

After the debate we invite you to join us for the networking part of the meeting.

City Council of Warsaw
The Spirit of Poland

WILK Open Cluster of Design