Polish design in Rio de Janeiro

Between the 30th March and 16th May, Culture.pl, in collaboration with The Spirit of Poland, will present the next edition of Polish design exhibition in Centro Carioca de Design in Rio de Janeiro.

After two exhibitions at the DW! São Paulo Design Weekend and exposition at the Museu Nacional in Brasilia, it’s time for Rio. The venue is the modern Centro Carioca de Design. It will be the fourth edition of The Spirit of Poland in Brazil.

The opening of the exhibition coincides with the 5th anniversary of Centro Carioca de Design. For the organisers it is a great distinction that the Brazilian centre wants to celebrate its anniversary with an exhibition of Polish design. „We really wanted that the exhibition opens exactly on the same day as we opened our doors to the public 5 years ago. Polish design is not very well known here, it’s a fresh topic and thanks to it interesting. I am sure that the exhibition will find a great interest amongst our visitors” – said Paula de Oliveira Camargo, Director of the Centro Carioca de Design.

2015 is also a special year in the history of the city, which celebrates its 450th birthday in March (it was founded exactly on the March the 1st 1565). „The fact that we can be in Rio in this extraordinary time, is a great honour for Polish design. Rio is a place of a really vibrant cultural life, it’s also home for the oldest design schools in Brazil” – says Weronika Rochacka-Gagliardi, one of the organisers.

Alongside the exhibition, the organisers plan a series of talks, panel discussions and practical workshops, aimed at local design and artistic community, students from local schools, universities, as well a general public and tourists.

Organisers: The Spirit of Poland, Culture.pl

The project is realised as part of the worldwide promotion of Polish design run by Culture.pl The exhibition partner is the Polish Embassy in Brasilia.