Culture.pl presents the second edition of The Spirit of Poland at the Museu Nacional do Conjunto Cultural da República

It is the second of this year’s exhibitions from The Spirit of Poland, which will take place in Brasilia between 4 and 28 November. This time Polish design will be showcased at the spectacular venue of the Museu Nacional do Conjunto Cultural da República, designed by Oscar Niemeyer and considered as one of the most important icons of modernist architecture in the world.


As a result of collaboration with Culture.pl, in 2014 The Spirit of Poland exhibited at the DW! São Paulo Design Weekend in August as part of MADE led by Waldick Jatobá. The exhibition proved to be a great success. Now Polish design will be on showcase at the Museu Nacional do Conjunto Cultural da República in Brasilia. The aim of The Spirit of Poland exhibition is to showcase products, in which development designers play an important role. The context for products chosen for the exhibition will be the history of individual brands, presented in an attractive way, encouraging the viewer to learn more about the objects themselves as well as the process of their development. The initiative aims at showcasing Polish material culture, its history and contemporary development through a presentation of the diversity of Polish companies.

As part of the exhibition, which will take place in Galeria Terreo of the Museu Nacional, the organisers are planning a series of talks and workshops for the unique museum’s audience: the world of international diplomacy, cultural organisations, local design and artistic community, students as well as other museum-goers.

“It’s a great honour for The Spirit of Poland to be able to showcase our exhibition in such a spectacular venue. Thanks to the collaboration with the Polish Embassy in Brasilia and the Museu Nacional do Conjunto Cultural da República, Polish design will be shown at the iconic building of Brazilian modernism, so adored by the worldwide audience. For us it’s a great chance for strenghtening the position of Polish design internationally as well as in our home country” – said Dorota Kabała, curator and exhibition designer.

Organisers: The Spirit of Poland, Culture.pl

The project is realised as part of the worldwide promotion of Polish design run by Culture.pl

The exhibition partner is the Polish Embassy in Brasilia.

Companies participating in the exhibition:
Agnieszka Bar, bro.Kat, CUSTOM (CSTM), Designlab, Kafti, Kosmos Project, MALAFOR, MOA, Nobile, Pani Jurek, PET PETITS, Shima, Studio Robot, Tabanda, Takk, WellDone®, V4, Vzór, Zieta Prozessdesign.

SPONSOR Torf Corporation, tołpa.®


This exhibit is invisible but you interact with it every time you draw a breath. Inhale and exhale. The scent you smell is The Spirit of Poland. Fresh and dynamic, it captures the thriving potential of our creative minds. Now you can experience it with all your senses. Sense branding is an innovative concept of expressing ideas and values through sense impressions.
Authors of this project: Marta Siembab, Maciej Kawecki

PARTNERS: The European Creative Cluster Lab, Product Placement