• myhand

    With the development of 3D printing, there are attempts to create a hand prosthesis based on this technology. The key to the solutions being developed is to adapt to the needs of users through parameterization and personalization.

    The combination of 3D printing, electronics, open source solutions, creative coding and algorithmic design, based on User Centered Design methods, is clearing a path for new solutions. They allow you to provide for individual needs, such as those related to daily tasks, sports or hobbies; which can become part of, or most of the entire expression.

    The project myhand aims at developing a system of printed 3D parametric prostheses which combine the some of the features of whats available in the market today with the very unusual needs of their users, with the additional goal of being affordable.

    Our team – Dorota Kabała, Michał Piasecki, Monika Brauntsch, Wiesław Bartkowski, Dorota Cetnarska and Malwina Mrówczyńska – combines experience and background in design, parametric modelling, creative coding, business development and social science!  To find out more about our team please see: https://myhand.io/en/team/


    Please follow us and our site to learn more about the project and its development:

    January 2018

    The first ideas about the projectmyhand is to be presented at ISPO fair between 28th – 31st Jan 2018 in Munich at IDEAS stand – B2-UE-02! Please join us to find out more about myhand! 

    June 2018

    While we are preparing for Gdynia Design days we are happy to invite you to OutDoor trade fair 17th – 20th June 2018, Friedrischahafen, where together with IDEAS we will be presenting the sport portfolio of ‘We design for physical culture’, as well as the next stage of myhand project! Dorota Kabała from The Spirit of Poland and ‘We design for physical culture’ will also give a lecture on “Wearable technology expands human prospective and capability” together with Mirella Becucci and Eugen Weiss. 

    July 2018

    We are pleased to invite you to join us between 7-15th July 2018 at Gdynia Design Days!

    The exhibition presents the project myhand, aimed at developing a system of printed 3D parametric prostheses which combine the some of the features of what’s available in the market today with the very unusual needs of their users. As part of the exhibition, we will also present specific problems and solutions in the field of prosthetics.

    fot. myhand / Anna Nowokuńska

    More about the project at:

    The exhibition at Gdynia Design Days / fot. Anna Nowokuńska:

    October 2018

    As a continuation of our project we would like to invite you to the workshop run at the Gdynia Design Center @ Pomorski Park Naukowo – Technologiczny Gdynia (PPNT Gdynia) on 12 – 13th October 2018  and then the exhibition showing the result of the workshop, opening on the 19th October!

    See you in Gdynia again!

    December 2018

    We are happy to inform you that we have launched a new website for myhand www.myhand.io

    See you there!

    The promotional campaign on this site have been co-finansed by the Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage of the Republic of Poland – Culture Promotion Fund.

  • imm cologne 2015

    Culture.pl, in collaboration with the Polish Institute Düsseldorf, will present the next edition of The Spirit of Poland, starting on the 19th January as part of the international interiors fair, imm cologne. Six brands will represent Polish design at one of the most important industry events in Europe.

    Promotion of Polish design at exhibitions and fairs abroad is one of the most important aims of The Spirit of Poland initiative. Thanks to the collaboration of Culture.pl and the Polish Institute in Düsseldorf, Polish brands will have, one more time, a chance to present their potential to international audience. After a success in Brazil (where the initiative participated in DW! São Paulo Design Weekend, as well as organised an exhibition at the National Museum in Brasilia), The Spirit of Poland is back in Europe. This time, at the imm cologne fair, as part of the Pure Talents zone, the following companies will be on show: Vzór, Tabanda, Ćmielów Design Studio, Kafti, Kosmos and Malafor.

    Polish design, promoted by The Spirit of Poland, is mostly about strong brands and well designed products. It is design with high aesthetic and utility values, which becomes a symbol of Polish material culture, its history and contemporary development. Pure Talents, as part of the imm cologne, is a space where new concepts of furniture, lighting and accessories will be presented by international designers. “Products chosen for this exposition, show how Polish designers work with material creatively, how they deal with logistical issues, how they draw from local traditions and resources of the Polish market. These are, first of all, market products, with a strong commercial potential” – says Monika Brauntsch, one of the organisers.

    The imm cologne will open the fair season of 2015. It is one of the most important trade events for interior design in the world, where companies showcase their newest collections, products and concepts. The presence of Polish brands, at such a prestigious event, is a chance for showcasing Polish design in the international forum.

  • London 2011

    The Spirit of Poland was present at the famous 100% Design fair during London Design Festival in September 2011.

    The featured brands were:

    Photos: Julia Cieszko