• Hellodesign

  • ESDI

    ESDI is a college of higher education in design, linked to the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). Founded in 1963, it is the oldest design college in Brazil and in South America. ESDI seeks to provide education in design in its broadest sense, equipping students with a solid foundation in the field and preparing them to pursue in depth their individual areas of interest.

    The undergraduate course consists of a five-year programme of full-time study, leading to a diploma in design (equivalent to a U.S. or British B.A.) and covering both product design and graphic design. Since 2005 ESDI offers a Masters program in design.

    ESDI is located in an extremely central section of Rio de Janeiro, at the edge of the historic Lapa district. Its compact but pleasant campus consists of a set of buildings housing classrooms; modeling, metal, wood and printing workshops; photographic and computer laboratories; a library; and facilities for research.

  • IED

    IED Istituto Europeo di Design
    IED is the International Higher Educational Network in Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management of creative industries. It offers undergraduate courses, advanced courses and Masters.
  • Wyborowa

    Wyborowa genuine Polish vodka, created in 1927 with over 500 years of Polish vodka craftsmanship, made in Poznan, a city in Western Poland.

    Wyborowa’s quality is highlighted by more than 20 international awards from around the world including Vienna, Rome, Brussels and San Francisco. The Pure Rye Grain of Wyborowa, combined with its craft distillation in small agricultural distilleries, gives Wyborowa its exceptional smoothness.

    Imported from Poland.

  • Centro Carioca de Design

    Centro Carioca de Design (CCD) integrates the idea to boost the Historical and Cultural Heritage of Rio de Janeiro with initiatives related to the creative economy, stimulating urban thought through design. The centre is a space for discussions, exhibitions and analysis of design in Rio, featuring exhibition galleries and integrated multipurpose rooms for conferences, meetings, workshops and other activities. Centro Carioca de Design also houses Studio-X Rio – laboratory of thought development around the city, a partnership of the local City Hall with the University of Columbia, of New York. The CCD is located in the house where the opera singer Bidu Sayão was born and lived until the age of five. Restored in 2008, the property became a head office for CCD and the inauguration, in March 2010, was part of the process of revitalization of the Tiradentes Square.


    The Polish Institute in Düsseldorf was established in 1993 in western Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland). So far over two thousand projects were realised within its framework. The Institute’s activities concentrate on organising events in the field of art, politics, history, science and creative entrepreneurship. Through cooperation with German partners, it co-creates programmes of many renowned festivals and fairs of music, film, theatre and literature. The Institute enables and supports dialogue between the Poles and the Germans, as well as the exchange between artists, scientists and entrepreneurs from different generations. Taking into account local realities and target groups, it creates the attractiveness of the Polish national brand in Germany.

  • Domo+

    Domo+ is the first and only Polish television channel dedicated to home and garden. According to the principle that the environment is important, it presents ideas for spectacular metamorphosis, proven solutions and innovations related to building, interior design and gardening. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day. The schedule is filled with entertainment and reality programmes, how-to series, documentaries and films around themes, such as decoration, gardening, design and architecture. DOMO+ presents authored programmes: “Houses of the stars”, “Home staging – flats for sale”, “Luxury for sale – the most expensive apartments in Poland” and also well-known foreign productions: “Candice tells all”, “Escape to the country” or “Grand Designs”. The channel broadcasts as well the ” HOME EXPRESS “, Poland’s only news program dedicated to design and gardening. Technical reach of the station is nearly 3.4 million households. Domo+ exists since 2008. More information: www.domoplus.pl and www.facebook.com/DOMOplus.

  • tołpa.®

    Torf Corporation, tołpa.®, has been earning trust and loyalty of customers for credibility, high quality products with reasonable price and continuing the work of Polish scientist and botanist Stanisław Tołpa (1901–1996) for past 25 years. The company has a patent for peat extract used for the production of diet supplement, toothpaste and tołpa.® beauty products. Since 1999 the company actively develops in private label market, cooperating with retailers and distributors all over Europe.

    “We create our cosmetics thinking about women and men who know that healthy look is a matter of common sense. We also think that the most important thing during shopping is the awareness of all pros and cons. For that reason we want and like to speak frankly about ourselves. Surely, we try to be eco-friendly and we want the packaging to be fully recyclable. However we do not want to convince anybody that using cosmetics with natural ingredients will transfer them to ‘the bosom of nature.” For us the most important is effectiveness. Hence we chose aluminium tubes thanks to which our creams stay effective longer. And by preparing individual recipes we wanted to benefit to the greatest extent from the regenerative properties of peat and peloid. We do not want to pretend we’re ideal. We keep developing by eliminating or limiting the amount of preservatives. Our goals are clear and we keep our faith. every day is a step forward. And when we speak of small great care, we mean nothing else. No hidden meaning.”


  • European Creative Cluster Lab

    The European Creative Cluster Lab. Managing Networked Creativity to Boost European Competitiveness is the think tank and beta site for new approaches and processes for creative cluster management in creative and traditional industries in Europe. 

    Partners in this action are: Stuttgart-Warsaw-Barcelona-Lille-Bari.

    The main goals of this cluster partnership are to test and experiment new creative cluster management styles, instruments and infrastructure in a lab environment by:

    • Incubation, innovation and creativity:
      “We will analyse and describe innovation processes in creative industries and their relevance for clusters.”
    • New collaboration approaches between creative clusters:
      “We will test concepts and process schemes for new collaboration approaches between creative clusters.”
    • Cross-sectoral collaboration between creative and traditional industries:
      “We will pilot concepts and process schemes for new collaboration approaches between creative clusters and traditional industries.”
    • Managing creativity and creative Teams:
      “We will design and validate training concepts and coaching process schemes for creative cluster managers that are tailored to innovation processes in creative industries.”

    Internationalization is an aspect within all those actions. To develop exchange of know how and gain new possibilities of cooperation the Global Study Visit to Brazil is prepared. ECCL supports exchange of knowledge and building linkages between creative entrepreneurs from Europe and Brazil.

  • Warsaw – creative Capital

    Warsaw is a biggest labour market in Poland, absorbent for best specialists in the country and abroad. Therefore naturally, during last few years, it became the focus place for creative industries sector. One may find here SMEs as well as large companies who run their business locally and globally with a great success. Warsaw, compared to other Polish cities, has the highest percentage creative sector companies of the total registered companies.

    On the other hand growing position of Warsaw as a creative valley is unmistakably related with wide range of educational centres, like faculties of Media and Scenography at Academy of Fine Arts,  The International School of Costume and Fashion Design, or faculties of New Media Arts and Interior Design at Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology, just to mention few.

    Education, abroad connections and potential of entrepreneurs in Warsaw are the main factors of development of such branches as: fashion and design, television and film production, performance arts, architecture and interior design.

    Creative sector by it’s openness and capacity to absorb innovative solutions changes Warsaw’s landscape, and brings inhabitants towards better and more comfortable life. It’s worth to mention that City of Warsaw is heading towards better organization of public space and development of international relations. Warsaw is open for new initiatives, it has a space and potential which is developed by new growing institutions like Copernicus Centre or Museum of Modern Art, but also NGO or private companies.