• Wyborowa

    Wyborowa genuine Polish vodka, created in 1927 with over 500 years of Polish vodka craftsmanship, made in Poznan, a city in Western Poland.

    Wyborowa’s quality is highlighted by more than 20 international awards from around the world including Vienna, Rome, Brussels and San Francisco. The Pure Rye Grain of Wyborowa, combined with its craft distillation in small agricultural distilleries, gives Wyborowa its exceptional smoothness.

    Imported from Poland.

  • tołpa.®

    Torf Corporation, tołpa.®, has been earning trust and loyalty of customers for credibility, high quality products with reasonable price and continuing the work of Polish scientist and botanist Stanisław Tołpa (1901–1996) for past 25 years. The company has a patent for peat extract used for the production of diet supplement, toothpaste and tołpa.® beauty products. Since 1999 the company actively develops in private label market, cooperating with retailers and distributors all over Europe.

    “We create our cosmetics thinking about women and men who know that healthy look is a matter of common sense. We also think that the most important thing during shopping is the awareness of all pros and cons. For that reason we want and like to speak frankly about ourselves. Surely, we try to be eco-friendly and we want the packaging to be fully recyclable. However we do not want to convince anybody that using cosmetics with natural ingredients will transfer them to ‘the bosom of nature.” For us the most important is effectiveness. Hence we chose aluminium tubes thanks to which our creams stay effective longer. And by preparing individual recipes we wanted to benefit to the greatest extent from the regenerative properties of peat and peloid. We do not want to pretend we’re ideal. We keep developing by eliminating or limiting the amount of preservatives. Our goals are clear and we keep our faith. every day is a step forward. And when we speak of small great care, we mean nothing else. No hidden meaning.”