Lodz Design Festival stands for ideas, people and action. Founded in 2007, it has served from the very beginning as
a review of Polish design achievements. The festival programme has continued to expand upon the ongoing dialogue with the audience, to finally assume its current shape. It now comprises:

Main Programme – The core of the festival consisting of exhibitions curated around the festival’s annual theme and featuring different approaches to design
make me! – A competition that allows beginning designers to show their work. The post-competition exhibition presented as part of the festival is a reflection on the search for a design identity pursued by young creators.
The winner can win PLN 20,000!
Educreation – A space designed for families with children. A place to play and learn and be creative, regardless of your age, status or background
must have – A competition and exhibition that aim to select and promote the best Polish product implementations
Open Programme – It gives everyone a chance to become part of Lodz Design Festival. It invites all, but especially institutions, curators, artists and designers, to show their work to the festival audience.

Lodz Design Festival is currently East-Central Europe’s most significant and internationally recognized design event. It presents different faces of design including industrial design, arts and crafts design, graphic design, architectural design and fashion design. It brings people together who respond to challenges with an open mind and commitment, and who have the courage to design and make a difference. Because design is more than just another pretty chair…

LDF also fits well into the strategy of the city of Lodz that has recovered from the collapse of the textile industry and is now developing its identity based on creative industries. Since its founding, the Festival has attracted more than 240,000 attendees from around the world.