Warsaw – creative Capital

Warsaw is a biggest labour market in Poland, absorbent for best specialists in the country and abroad. Therefore naturally, during last few years, it became the focus place for creative industries sector. One may find here SMEs as well as large companies who run their business locally and globally with a great success. Warsaw, compared to other Polish cities, has the highest percentage creative sector companies of the total registered companies.

On the other hand growing position of Warsaw as a creative valley is unmistakably related with wide range of educational centres, like faculties of Media and Scenography at Academy of Fine Arts,  The International School of Costume and Fashion Design, or faculties of New Media Arts and Interior Design at Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology, just to mention few.

Education, abroad connections and potential of entrepreneurs in Warsaw are the main factors of development of such branches as: fashion and design, television and film production, performance arts, architecture and interior design.

Creative sector by it’s openness and capacity to absorb innovative solutions changes Warsaw’s landscape, and brings inhabitants towards better and more comfortable life. It’s worth to mention that City of Warsaw is heading towards better organization of public space and development of international relations. Warsaw is open for new initiatives, it has a space and potential which is developed by new growing institutions like Copernicus Centre or Museum of Modern Art, but also NGO or private companies.