Talks and workshops

As part of the exhibition, which takes place at the Centro Carioca de Design, we  organise a series of talks and workshops for local design community and students.

On the 31st March, The Spirit of Poland had a chance to visit IED Rio de Janeiro. IED is the International Higher Educational Network in Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management of creative industries. It offers undergraduate courses in such places like New York, Barcelona or Milan. We had a privilege to give 2 lectures at their school in Rio de Janeiro. Monika Brauntsch presented the contemporary design of Poland, with the emphasis on the links between the industry and the designers, whereas Dorota Kabała spoke on design for sports, with the interesting examples from her studio’s experience. The actual bulding of the school, located in a former casino, is overwiewing the beach, making it a perfect place to study!

Esdi – Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial, the oldest design school in Brazil. On the 1 of April Dorota Kabala ran a workshop on designing for sports with a focus on security. About 20 partcipants coming from different design backgrounds, as well as engineering, took a challenge of working out how to design sports equipment that is not only fun to use but also safe.

We are very grateful to Centro Carioca de Design, IED Rio de Janeiro and Esdi – Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial for hosting us. We can’t wait to be back with the workshop on designing a business at Esdi – next Tuesday, 7th April, 14:00-18:00.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Photos: Luke Garcia

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