The Brazilian Market Guide for entrepreneurs

The Spirit of Poland team presents THE BRAZILIAN MARKET GUIDE for entrepreneurs. This manual was commissioned by the City of Warsaw and the European Creative Cluster Lab (ECCL). It is addressed to European entrepreneurs (SMEs) who intend to start up business activities in Brazil or to expand their international cooperation in the Brazilian market. It also includes tips for entrepreneurs specifically from the creative sector.

ECCL (European Creative Cluster Lab) project is dedicated to managing creativity and creative teams, cross-sector collaboration between cre- ative and traditional industries, new collaboration approaches between creative clusters, incubation, innovation and creativity. Internationalisa- tion is an aspect within all those actions. To develop exchange of know- how and gain new possibilities of cooperation the Global Study Visit to Brazil was prepared. One of the recommendations that followed was an idea of developing a guide for EU entrepreneurs about Brazil, which this manual is a result of.


A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the EU Commission and the Brazilian government was signed in December 2013. The aim of the MoU is to strengthen business and research cooperation between Brazil, European Clusters and SMEs, and to raise the international profile of the latter, as well as support growth and cooperation.

The production of the report was commissioned to the Spirit of Poland. The project, dedicated to promotion of Polish culture and entrepreneurship,  has been involved in the Brazilian market since 2013.
Throughout the exhibitions and events, many new links and contacts were made, helping to create new business possibilities and encouraging cultural exchange. This practical experience and contacts made in Brazil were crucial to producing the guide.

Please download the guide below:

The Brazilian Market Guide for entrepreneurs (pdf)