Lodz&Cieszyn 2013

Both exhibitions in Lodz (October 2013) and Cieszyn (February 2014) were developed as a sort of “recollection” from the exhibition in São Paulo at the DW! São Paulo Design Weekend in August 2013. It showed how the Polish products were seen by the Brazilian audience through incorporating quotes from Brazilian designers, architects, gallery owners and cultural promoters into the exhibition itself.

The key to selecting the objects in 2013 edition of The Spirit of Poland was the spirit and soul of material.

The exhibition presented the relationship between the designer and the materials through a series of objects and materials that were the starting point for their creation. It included handmade products, such as jewellery created out of coal (broKat) – the result of a co-operation between young Polish architects with manufacturers, based on their knowledge and experience. On the other hand, it presents objects that were designed with the use of digital technologies, such as a laser plotter or miller. These examples include products made from sheets of steel or plastic. Their form reflects the designers’ fascination with the material and direct relationship between the initial idea, a human hand and the material itself.


Photos: Julia Cieszko