Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro. Discussions and practical workshops

Alongside The Spirit of Poland exhibition, the organisers plan a series of talks, panel discussions and practical workshops, aimed at local design and artistic community, students from local schools, universities, as well a general public and tourists.


We invite you to an evening with two presentations focused on Polish design. Both presentations are complementary to The Spirit of Poland exhibition, presented between 30.03 and 16.05 at the Centro Carioca de Design.

31st March, Tuesday, 19:00-21:00 // IED – Instituto Europeo di Design Av. João Luís Alves, 13 – Urca, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22291-090

From craftsmanship to industry – the contemporary design scene of Poland. Monika Brauntsch

In this presentation we will have a closer look at Polish design industry, exploring its roots and trying to understand what constitutes the nowadays design scene of Poland. Through examples of ceramics, furniture, lighting and other types of design, the presentation will showcase Polish design industry, the most recognised designers and the objects they have created. The presentation will showcase examples of factories with over a century of tradition, re-inventing themselves in the 21st century, as well as start-ups working with the latest technologies.

Design helps the winners win. Dorota Kabała

The presentation will focus on the role of the design in Polish sports equipment industry as an example of the present general role of the design in Poland. Cases of world-known companies as well as young brands will be shown and discussed. In some of the case studies the sports equipment designer will share the experience of the cooperation with the industry.
Access one hour before the event. Places are limited. Presentation in English


Practical workshop with Dorota Kabała
1st April, Wednesday, 14:00-17:00
ESDI – Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Rua Evaristo da Veiga 95, Lapa, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 20031-040
Registration through ESDI Workshop in English

Mobility is connected with overcoming barriers: one’s own limitations and those inflicted environmentally. A man on the move has to overcome not only both the physical and psychological limitations, but also those limitations that occur in a place of actual activity. Designing for physical culture is, in a sense, designing for sportspeople – professionals and amateurs, which, to a large extent, is about taking care of a person’s security while s/he faces defeat.

The workshop is divided into two parts:
1. Introduction: insights into security and protection solutions.
We will work with real objects designed for sports, such as motorcycle gloves and kitesurfing equipment. We will work in teams as most of sports equipment designers do. We will have a look into the design process of sports equipment. We will discuss anytime we want to.
2. Identity switch.

We will try to get into the role of a person for whom we are designing. We will work in pairs, getting into the role of a user and a designer. We will discuss and exchange our experience. In the end, we will give to each other a nice task to do antytime in the future.
Participants: 16 persons / design students / other faculties students / anyone interested in sports and design.

Time: 3 hs


Practical workshop
7th April, Tuesday 14:00-18:00
ESDI – Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Rua Evaristo da Veiga 95, Lapa, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 20031-040

Registration through ESDI Workshop in English

We will start with an introduction to Design Management run by Weronika Rochacka-Gagliardi, design strategist, formerly working at the Design Council in London. We will talk about Design Thinking and strategic use of design within companies and organisations. As the next step, we will look into interesting cases of businesses models, introduced by Monika Brauntsch, founder of the lighting brand, KAFTI, and the winner of the British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur competition (2011). We will also explore the relation between brands’ values, strategy and communication. In the practical part of the workshop, we will explore how to build a business based on values, how to define them and how to communicate them to the clients.Through case studies, practical exercises and discussions we will learn how to turn these values into strategic decisions and actions.

Participants: 20 persons / design students / other faculties students, especially business and technology / anyone interested in design and business.
Time: 4hs

About the tutors:

Monika Brauntsch – after a few years of working as an Operations Manager in the corporate environment, she set up the lighting brand, KAFTI, the business that she successfully runs since 2007. She is also co-founder of The Spirit of Poland and WILK Open Cluster of Design in Warsaw. In 2011 she won the Polish edition of Young Creative Entrepreneur competition run by British Council, awarding the most dynamic companies from the creative sector worldwide.

Weronika Rochacka-Gagliardi – with 8 years of professional experience, including 5 years of project management work at the Design Council in London, Weronika developed her expertise in areas of design management, service design, design promotion and education. Currently living and working between São Paulo and Warsaw, she is co-funder of ThinkDOStudio.

Dorota Kabała – sports equipment designer, sports lover, co-founder of the design studio We design for physical culture, which cooperates with sports brands such as Nobile and sports and recreation institutions such as National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland. Designer and curator of The Spirit of Poland exhibition.Tutor at Industrial Design department in School of Form in Poznan, Poland

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