have a look at the new video about our team’s project in the Amazon

We think design is about solving problems.

Based on our experience in design for sport and the principles of circular economy, we believe design can positively contribute to social change and help protect the environment.

Together with peconheiros – the açaí pickers from the Amazonian state of Para in Brazil, we have built R&D and testing team

95% of the açaí berries that reach the global markets are produced in this region. 

Peconheiros collectively climb up palm trees one million times a day during harvest season. An increasing demand for açaí berries for the global markets and the lack of protection in the challenging work environment result in a number of accidents. 

This became our motivation for creating a new design solution: a climbing equipment that increases the safety and comfort of peconheiros’ work. This is where their extensive knowledge, experience and local traditions come together with our design approach.

The production of this video has been co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland  – Culture Promotion Fund.