FAIR DESIGN 2015 Conference


Faculty of Design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts is planning to organize a series of conferences named FAIR DESIGN. They will be dedicated to the theory and criticism of design in terms of its functioning in the quickly changing social, cultural, technological and economic circumstances. The conference is intended to serve as a forum for discussions which could stretch beyond the professional designer circles.

The first conference in the series will be held on 24th – 25th September. Fair Design 2015 will be devoted to different forms of activity observed in contemporary society, as the activity is a formative factor of our awareness to a degree much bigger than in the past. The traditional methods of learning about the world, which historically involved a passive absorption of knowledge generated and processed by others (education, literature, the press, television, etc.), are increasingly more frequently supplemented (or even replaced) by active/interactive forms. These new forms either overlap or intertwine with the traditional ones, particularly that, as never before, they are carried out – together or next to each other – by representatives of different generations, from small children to people 80 years of age and older.

The Spirit of Poland has the pleasure to be a partner of the conference FAIR DESIGN 2015.


The planned duration of the conference is two days. It will be composed of six sessions. The first, theoretical one, will be focused on describing the status quo of the contemporary society from the point of view of the humanities and social sciences, as well as design theory. The subsequent sessions will be devoted to the presentation of the practical design solutions in connection to the following subjects: activity at work, activity in leisure, activity on-line, activity in post-digital society, nomadism, and activity of senior citizens at the age of 80+. The presentations will be accompanied by theoretical reflections to the different problems, as well as summaries of conclusions. The Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts will also publish all the conference materials after the event.

Please find more information on the program here.

24-25th September 2015.
Auditorium at the Academy of Fine Arts premises,
Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 37, Warsaw


The conference FAIR DESIGN 2015 will take place in the auditorium of the recently erected Academy’s building at 37/39 Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie Str. It was built as an extension of the old edifice, designed by Alfons Gravier in 1911. The enlargement was executed by the renowned Warsaw studio JEMS Architects. On the premises are loctated the faculties of: Sculpture, Stage Design, Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art, and Management of Visual Culture. Within easy reach there are also the Copernicus Science Centre and the Fryderyk Chopin Museum. Other buildings belonging to the Academy of Fine Arts are located in different parts of the city.