Exhibition In Motion,  presents innovative products and solutions for sport, congruent to today’s dynamic lifestyle. Selected appliances, dedicated to individual user, are characterized by the search for responses to these needs. 


All have been designed and manufactured in the past few years . They combine such features as easy assembly, disassembly, transport and storage, light weight, small size, minimalism, ergonomics. The exhibition will be presented at Gdynia Design Days from 1st – 10th July 2016.

Specialist sports footwear and snowshoes; a variety of boards for, e.g. kitesurfing and windsurfing; kayaks and other boats; bikes, helmets and pads. These are just a few examples of the many objects that allow people to undertake an activity in atypical conditions, reach areas that are difficult to access, enjoy new experiences and break new records.

We improve our bodies, equipping them with various tools which evolution has failed to provide. Despite their technological advancement, they are far from perfect. Convenient in certain situations,they are bothersome in all the others. When they are not in use, for example during transport, most sports equipment cannot be packed with the easiness of insects’ wings that roll under their shell. Transport and storage of the ‘additional organs’ present difficulties. The equipment often weighs too much or its size is inconvenient, which proves particularly bothersome in the case of dynamic and nomadic lifestyles.

Manufacturers of sports equipment aspire to find solutions for transport and storage problems. The In Motion exhibition presents examples of these solutions. It is worth paying attention to the features of each object and the benefits to their potential users, as well as to the fact that the products share many characteristics, such as core design assumptions, operating rules and the way of working with materials.

The products presented at the In Motion exhibition are characterized by a bold approach to finding solutions to these problems. The objects have been selected from numerous other concepts so they could clearly present a certain design trend. The majority of the products have gone into production in the last few years. All of them are dedicated to individual users. The exhibited objects can make one reflect on the path that the manufacturers and users of sports equipment will choose. Will everyone in the near future have a backpack filled with ultralight, excellently designed, foldable products that enable one to cope in all possible conditions? Or will we give up the desire to own items in favour of the idea of sharing? Perhaps both tendencies will start to overlap. It is also possible that the desire to accomplish perfection in imitating nature will lead to incorporating sports equipment into the human body. This would give people complete freedom and flexibility. Maybe in the future equipment will be an additional human hand or leg, a wing or fin.


kurator / curator

Dorota Kabała, We design for physical culture


projekt wystawy /exhibition design

We design for physical Cultura


projekt graficzny /graphic design

Anna Nowokuńska, We design for physical culture


produkcja / production

Monika Brauntsch, The Spirit of Poland


Wystawcy / Participants:


Powermonkey Explorer 2 ,  Powermonkey Extreme

projekt / design: Powertraveller

producent/ manufacturer:  Powertraveller

Wielka Brytania/ UK


Nobile Split NHP

konstrukcja deski/ board construction Nobile

projekt akcesoriów/ accessories design Nobile oraz We design for physical culture

producent/ manufacturer:  Nobile

Polska/ Poland



projekt / design: Po-Chih Lai

producent/ manufacturer:  Allrover TM

Wielka Brytania/ UK



projekt / design: Isao Hosoe Design, development Vibram®

producent/ manufacturer:  Vibram®

Włochy/ Italy


SX-2 / Tarmac

projekt / design: Shima

producent/ manufacturer:  Shima

Polska/ Poland


TRX® Suspension Trainer™/ TRXPRO3

projekt / design: Randy Hetrick

producent/ manufacturer:  Fitness Anywhere LLC (TRX)

Stany Zjednoczone/ USA

dystrybucja w Polsce / distribution in Poland: Fitness Ekspert



projekt / design: Futchi

producent/ manufacturer:  Futchi

Szwecja/ Sweden
S-Lab Sense 5 Ultra

projekt / design: Salomon

producent / manufacturer Salomon

Francja / France

dystrybucja w Polsce / distribution in Poland: Amer Sports
Fimbulvetr Hikr

projekt / design: Fimbulvetr in collaboration with Pro-Snowboarder Mikkel Bang

producent/ manufacturer:  Fimbulvetr

Norwegia/ Norway


Small Foot Revolution

projekt / design: Small Foot

producent/ manufacturer:  Small Foot

Bułgaria/ Bulgaria


Fanatic Arrows iRIG ONE 2016 Inflatable Windsurf Sail

Viper Air inflatable WindSUP


Fanatic Arrows iRIG ONE 2016

projekt / design: North Kiteboarding + NorthSails

producent/ manufacturer:  Fanatic

Niemcy/ Germany

dystrybucja w Polsce / distribution in Poland: Vento Co.


Viper Air inflatable WindSUP

projekt / design: Fanatic

producent/ manufacturer:  Fanatic

Niemcy/ Germany

dystrybucja w Polsce / distribution in Poland: Vento Co.


X-Lite 200

projekt / design: Cumulus

producent/ manufacturer:  Cumulus

Polska/ Poland



projekt / design: Pajak Sport

producent/ manufacturer:  Pajak Sport

Polska/ Poland



projekt / design: Martin Angelov

producent/ manufacturer:  Kolelinia LTD

Bułgaria/ Bulgaria



projekt / design: Mark Sanders

producent/ manufacturer:  Ming Cycle

Tajwan/ Taiwan

dystrybucja w Polsce / distribution in Poland: WSC Witold Szymanik i S-ka


Oru Kayak Bay Series

projekt / design: Oru Kayak

producent/ manufacturer:  Oru Kayak




projekt / design: Overade – Philippe Arrouart

producent/ manufacturer:  Overade

Francja/ France