Polish design representation in Brazil

We just completed the Open Call and know who will represent Polish design in Brazil this year. Thank you so much for all the applications!

During the sixth edition of The Spirit of Poland, over a dozen of brands will represent Polish design in Brazil. As a result of collaboration with Culture.pl, in 2014 The Spirit of Poland will organize two exhibitions. The first one will be presented during DW! São Paulo Design Weekend. The second one – at the National Museum in Brasilia, in November.

The brands taking part in the exhibition in São Paulo:
Agnieszka Bar, CUSTOM (CSTM), Designlab, Kafti, Kosmos Project, MALAFOR, MOA, Nobile, Pani Jurek, PET PETITS, SHIMA, Studio Robot, Tabanda, TAKK, WellDone®, V4, Vzór, Zieta Prozessdesign.

Thank you! | Dziękujemy!

Organisers: The Spirit of Poland, Culture.pl